Build Better Future
With Myanmar Social Finance

We are Myanmar Social Finance Company who care helping to upgrade Myanmar citizen's social life and reduce poverty since 2020 with great mission

Our Mission

To develop into a sustainable business.

Company’s Objective

The company's objective is to develop into a sustainable business that offers loans to help underprivileged households increase their income.

To attain success to enhance the social lives of families in poverty.

Why Choose Us


To reduce poverty and improve living standards.


We support the business implemented only with women.


Loans at low interest rates.

Reasons for Female

To improve the performance of women.

To work on other income-generating activities within the household.

To put women first.

The savings and loan industry is more suitable for women.

To enable women to manage the household's finances.

Our Goals

To provide a compassionate hand to economically disadvantaged families, offering them financial support at an exceptionally low interest rate, thereby enabling them to channel these funds into ventures that generate sustainable income and uplift their quality of life.

l To only give money to women in order to increase rural women's capacity.

l To offer loans using a five-person group management approach in order to foster an organizational spirit without distributing personal funds.

l To simultaneously cultivate the habit of saving money with the loan business.

l To increase progress in other social issues as the economy develops.

l To produce positive outcomes through sustained collaboration between rural locals and company organizations.

Our Services


Regular Loans

An individual who joins the Savings and Loan Association is only permitted to take out this first type of loan.


Additional Loans

When small business owners require additional capital for the reasons listed below, they should borrow to expand a business (or) for small businesses that are now open, to run the business according to the commercial season.


Small businesses Loans

This type of loan is offered for the sole purpose of creating employment opportunities in the region, whether it is a retail business or a business-based business, to small businesses that are already operating successfully but need additional capital when they want to upgrade to small businesses, either agricultural activities.

What our Clients Says

Frequently Asked Questions

Loans are issued at least (28) days after the loan application is prepared.
The interest rate is two kyats and thirty cents, which is 28% of the loan per year.
When applying for a loan, you need documents such as a copy of the household list, a copy of the registration, a letter from the village administrator, a national insurance certificate, a photo of the insurance, and a photo of the loan applicant.
Only women between the ages of (18) and (60) who can vouch for each other, who can participate in a team spirit, and who have the necessary documents are chosen to lend money.
If there are at least (25) women in a group of five (5) women in a village, they can apply for a loan with the approval of the village administrator (or house head).