Regular Loans

Regular Loans

An individual who joins the Savings and Loan Association is only permitted to take out this first type of loan.

Regular Loans Detail

In this loan, the annual loan is fixed by the office.

1st year loan =200000/-

2nd year loan =300000/-

3rd year loan =400000/-

4th year loan =500000/-

5th year loan =600000- etc

and if the sixth year comes, they will only lend money for the fifth year and have not yet increased it.

Savings Policy

To encourage members to develop the practices and habits of fundraising.

To satisfy the financial needs of enterprises.

To offer care for families' urgent needs.

Deposit amount –  200 kyats per 100,000 at 5%

Times –  Twice a week

Interest rate  –  15% per year

Withdrawal amount –  Before 2021, loans were provided for 75% of the principal and interest amount, but after that year, loans are only issued if the loan is not repaid. Only issues involving the member’s health or the issues of their families must be provided.

Interest Rates

Only the official interest rate set by the Microfinance Department is used by the company to calculate the loan's interest. It is 28% of the annual loan.